Happy Birthday Poem For Grandma

1)A woman so graceful
So fine and beautiful
A woman with a penchant
For everything elegant
A woman with poise
And refined choice
My dear grandmother
Like you, there is no other
Happy birthday

2)Kids who don’t have grandmas
Would never come to know
How life without one
Can be so dull and low
Kids who haven’t seen
A grandma’s love and care
Of life’s sweetest emotions
Would never be aware
But God has give me
No such chance to complain
Thanks Heavens, I have you
Else I would have gone insane
Happy birthday

3)Soft and tender
Is her heart
Yet she is crackling wise
And uber smart
Sweet and affectionate
Are her ways
To listen to her advice
It always pays
Happy birthday grandma

4)I hope I have your genes
Not just those of mom and dad
For I want those qualities
That you have always had
I want your intelligence
Dexterity and grace
I want your agility
Along with your beautiful face
I want everything that would
Make me your replica
Because you are the most
Amazing woman, dear grandma
Happy birthday

5)Although your hands are jittery
And you are a little fidgety
Although you have become finicky
And a bit emotionally touchy
Although you are sometimes grumpy
And also slightly moody
I still think you are sweet, cute and funny
Happy birthday to the most awesome granny

6)All these years you have spoiled me enough
But you have also taught me how to be tough
How can I forget all the fun times that we shared
Patience and concern for me, how you have always spared
Your wise words and warm hugs, I will never forget
I will draw inspiration from them, whenever I am upset
Happy birthday, to the most amazing grandmother
Like your impact on my life, there can be no other

7)Even this gift, card and flowers
Can never remotely convey
How much you mean to me
In every little way
Thanks for understanding me
When I was understood by no other
You have been undoubtedly
The world’s best grandmother
Happy birthday

8)Not many grandchildren
Are as lucky as me
To get a grandmother like you
In life’s scorching journey
You are not just my grandmother
You mean a lot more to me
A grandma, friend and a mentor
And my closest buddy in the family
Happy birthday

9)You are my dear nan
You are my lovely gran
You are my sweetie
You are so lovely
You are like my pal
You are such a fun gal
You are so adorable
Granny, you are so special
Happy birthday

10)Looking straight through all my ways
Interpreting all the expressions on my face
My grandma is super duper cool
She is my life’s unofficial school
Understanding all my problems and confusion
She brings about the sweetest solutions
Knowing exactly what is going on in my heart
My grandma has been my favorite from the start
Happy birthday
Dear grandma…

11)Never-ending, is your life’s vision
Still vivid, is your imagination
Timeless, is your vintage fashion
Endless is for you, our affection
Your life, is sheer motivation
To live our own, sans frustration
Still strong, is your determination
Don’t ever stop being an inspiration
Happy birthday

12)Apart from my friends
I always had you to go to
When my besties couldn’t understand
Why I was feeling blue
Apart from mum and dad
You were always there
Not just in your mere presence
But to genuinely give me care
You have been
My life’s softest cushion
Grandma, you are truly
One in a billion
Happy birthday

13)Most grandmas have walking sticks
But you are so youthful
At your age like you
I too want to be beautiful
Most grandmas look dull and tired
But your face is flawless
When I become old and fragile
I too want to be faultless
In short I aspire to be
Whatever you are right now
Happy birthday grandma
I will always love you and how